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11. Dragon’s Express Delivery

Good day, it’s demon prince Jilbagias who was about to visit Hell.

I’ve been living in demon king castle since I was reborn as demon prince but, now it was about the time for me to take a step outside.

Platy didn’t lie to me when she said that my freedom of movement would be loosened a lot after I grew my horn.

Nevertheless, didn’t she go too far by sending me straight to hell the moment I had the qualification to go out

「What nice weather we have today.」

Early afternoon―― Right at the dawn for the demon race―― My mother of this life, Platyfia stood in a huge, hanging balcony in the corner of demon king castle.

Platy always wore gorgeous dresses on normal occasion but today was a rare day in which she wore a pants style one.

She gave the feeling of the wife of a patriarch of a savage tribe wearing their horse riding clothes.

Though the clothes was properly tailored, it was a messy style due to the pelt and fangs ornaments.

Well, I had no right to criticize her since I wore the same kind of attire as her!

By the way, it was about my current appearance but―― apparently, I appear like a ten-year-old human child, no matter how you look at it, I was a handsome youth who inherited my mother’s neat face and her silver-coloured hair, and my father’s red eyes.

I couldn’t help but cringe non-stop when I looked into the mirror and saw my neat appearance as I asked 「Who the hell are you!」.

It’s vexing but, my current appearance far surpassed my previous life.

Platy was a beauty after all.

And I inherited that beauty… if you ignore the ominous looking horn growing at the side of my head and my blue skin, my appearance was enough to pass as a young noble.

I was a real life prince though.

… When I was pondering about such things, I heard a loud, heavy voice come from above.

A flying dragon with brown colored scales landed right on the balcony.

Yes, this place was the landing platform for the flying dragon.

「Here you go…」

The flying dragon stooped down as it spoke to us with a voice that resembled metallic creaking.

A riding saddle had already been prepared on its back.

By nature, the powerful dragon race was an extremely prideful race just like the demon race.

Even the white dragons that worked together with us in previous demon king castle assault operation only allowed us to be carried with rope so that we wouldn’t fall but, they vehemently refused the proposal of adding a riding saddle on their back.

Though they allowed us to ride on their backs since that was the only way for us to slip into demon king castle and assassinate the demon king, they refused to be treated as vehicles.

And the white dragons were the calmest one amongst the dragon race you know God knows what kind of atrocities would happen if we tried to install a saddle on the back of the other dragon race.

… That was how it was supposed to be and yet, the dragon before my eyes seemed to be quite satisfied being treated as a vehicle.

After they had gotten mercilessly beaten by the 1st demon king, almost all dragons pledged their allegiance to the demon race.

Or should I say that they had no choice but to do so.


The dragon’s incubation place is located right below the demon king’s castle after all.

Their adorable childrens were taken as hostages by the demon race.

This demon king castle was originally a rocky mountain inhabited by flying dragons… the 1st demon king said 「What a splendid mountain of marble! This is where my castle is going to be built!」 and quickly seized the mountain from the dragons and built a castle by hollowing the mountain with magic.

The dragon who stooped so low didn’t make eye contact with us either, they kept staring at the floor―― I couldn’t read the dragon’s expression but―― this fella clearly couldn’t accept this kind of treatment.

「Flying in the air on dragon back is truly a wonderful experience, Jilbagias.」

Platy was straddling on the saddle with extremely nimble movement.

Though she normally acts as the demon king’s wife, she always showed this kind of impressive physical abilities in her seemingly casual movements.

This woman was a warrior at the core.

「I’m looking forward to that experience, Mother.」

I nodded at her and tried to straddling on the saddle but――

「――The sun has yet to set but, you seems to be quite busy, Platyfia.」

Suddenly, I heard a sticky voice of a woman.

When I turned around, I saw a demon race woman entering the balcony.

She wore a dress with blue as its base colour, matching with a snow-white pelt.

Her shiny, blue-coloured hair was rolled up and adorned with fangs and gems.

Her slit eyes shone brightly in golden colour like a full moon as she glared at us, she was a bewitching beauty with the arrogance of a queen.

「If it isn’t “Lazriel”.

And here I thought that you won’t be so admirable as to come to see us off.」

Platy replied with a ridiculing look on her face.

「I’m not seeing you off.」

The woman called “Lazriel” countered while unfolding her folding fan to cover the lower half of her face.

「I come to see your prideful son with my own eyes.

This might be the last chance to see him after all.」

And then, she―― was looking at me.


Her magical power was slowly oozing out from her body, surrounding me as if trying to appraise me.

… Seeing this situation, I realized that this woman was the 『Mother of the other prince』.

I would never have expected her to suddenly come out on this occasion, so I wrapped my body in a thin layer of magical power, just to be safe.

I glared back at her.

Demon race was the kind of people who didn’t shy away from challenges after all.

「… This kid isn’t cute at all.」

Lazriel closed her folding fan while humphing with a bored look on her face.

「He’s still so young and yet, it seems that you can’t wait to throw him into Hell, Platyfia.」

「He’s my son.

I don’t see any problem with doing that.

Well, I don’t know about the other children though.」


Lazriel was looking at me for the second time, this time she was looking into my eyes.

「Just make sure that you survive, Lad.

Well then, see you.」

After saying that, Lazriel turned around and left.

「… who is that」


She’s Lazriel, the mother of Aiogias, the 1st prince.」

Platyfia replied in a spiteful manner.

「An irritating woman who won’t be satisfied unless she’s the number one.」

… Was this what they called pot calling kettle

「She is planning to disturb my trip to hell, right」


Well, she can’t do that in the open, isn’t that why she’s trying to scare you off Well what can I say, I’ll be troubled if she thinks that my son―― Jilbagias is such a feeble-minded child.

Really, what a shallow woman.」

Platy spoke with a sneer on her face.

「Remember this, Jilbagias.

The reason why she tried to do that is because, deep down, she fears you.

That woman herself is scared of Hell.

Behind her domineering attitude is just a feeble, frail hearted woman.」

Platy black, murky eyes were locking on into my eyes.

「But, you’re different from her.

You’re a strong child, Jilbagias.」


Well, I’ve got a lot of information about Hell from Sofia after all.

Since the material in that world is pretty ambiguous, that world was all about the reflection of your own mind.

It wasn’t something scary.

Though I had no idea what was going to happen once I stepped into the dark portal, honestly, it was nothing compared to the day We raided the Demon King Castle in my previous life.

Platy seems to be satisfied upon seeing my composure.

「Well, let’s not waste any more time.

Let’s get going.」

By the way, the dragon kept standing by all this time, waiting for us.

I seized Platy’s outstretched hand and jumped to the saddle.

Originally, I was planning to sit behind Platy and hug her from behind but then, she caught my body in mid-air and sat me down in front of her.

Dammit, her perfume smells really nice…

Platy ended up embracing me since we’re tied up to the same belt.

And just like that, she lightly kicked the abdomen of the dragon.

「Send us to Dark Portal.」

「As you wish…」

After replying with their hoarse voice, the dragon started to do a light run and take off.

Uoo, the shaking.

The only things that kept us safe were the flimsy-looking leather belt and the handle on the saddle that I could grip with my hand.

… Are we going to be alright Won’t we be thrown off the saddle with this much shaking

Thus, my first air travel after being reborn started with anxiety.


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